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Expert stock management and responsible consignment sale services
Facilitating inventory management and disposal of redundant stock.

Aviation Stock Management and Parts Inventory Services

EFTEC proposes to offer a comprehensive consignment sale program to facilitate inventory management and disposal of redundant stock; the purpose of this equally beneficial offer is to help your company reduce and sell off excess inventory and by outsourcing the marketing, selling and administrative functions to our expert sales team allowing your company stock reach our already well established and extensive client base. With significant experience in managing aviation assets, the EFTEC team will help you maximize the potential of any redundant/excess stock which may be held by your company. Our team of experts will analyze the potential profitability of any possible transactions, advising on the best possible options.

If your company is considering selling, or decommissioning, an aircraft, we will estimate each of the following scenarios: (a) selling the aircraft as a viable/operational unit or (b) “tear down” with the opportunity to salvage serviceable components for onward sale. In option (a) EFTEC will provide “Brokerage” facilities to negotiate the aircraft sale project. In option (b) the proposal is for your company to opt for consignment sales following the completion of teardown and subsequent to the recertification process of salvaged parts as is appropriate.

Having initially started with aircraft teardown, EFTEC has gained significant experience in salvaging and selling spare parts in “as removed” and “serviceable condition.” Consequently EFTEC has a large pool of clients: including end users, repair shops and MRO organizations. With an ever-increasing client base we are experiencing growing demand, for spare parts, from new and existing customers and, as a result we recognize a benefit to both your company, by disposing of excess/redundant stock at best possible market prices, and providing EFTEC with a potentially larger readily available stock inventory.

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