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Immediate response and significant reduction of down time.
Predictable costs and minimization of expenses.
Helping you keep your fleet fully operational throughout the year.

Power By The Hour (PBH) Aircraft Components and Maintenance Program

“POWER BY THE HOUR” program is an important service for the supply and return of essential aircraft spare parts. It covers the interchange of a considerable number of rotable components required for scheduled and routine maintenance programs as well as required essential repairs enabling you to keep your fleet of aircraft fully operational.

Under this Program we provide components required for your repairs and respective maintenance programs on receipt of Purchase Orders from your maintenance department. On receipt by the airline, the requested spare parts of the replaced original core item(s) shall be returned to our designated repair facility for complete overhaul or repair as required.

By the terms of the Program, EFTEC Aviation Group will expedite the dispatch of the required components to the designated destination in the event of an AOG situation. Under this agreement the Airline will be able to significantly reduce down time of their aircraft on the ground and subsequently, minimize the financial exposure incurred.

EFTEC is your reliable partner in achieving maximum savings and relieving your repair and maintenance staff from the search and purchase of spare parts. With Power by the Hour program in place they can concentrate their efforts on maintaining your core business operations.

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