Customs Clearance and Logistics Services | EFTEC AERO

Worldwide delivery and customs clearance services.
Warehouses in New Jersey, London, Riga.

Aircraft Customs Clearance and Aviation Logistics Services

EFTEC provides worldwide delivery and customs clearance services. When the company just started growing we received a lot of requests from our customers to provide not only the repair service or spare parts supply but also the delivery of those parts.

Complex solutions for our clients has always been a priority to us and now on we provide all-in-one service.  Warehouses in New Jersey, London, Riga enable flexibility of dispatch and fastest delivery options. EFTEC New Jersey Warehouse facility is a short drive away from both JFK and EWR airports which allows us to optimize delivery cost & time. London, Riga facilities have been created specifically for our European customers.

Delivery of parts and aircraft  is provided by the leading logistics & customs clearance service providers. During years of operations we have gathered significant experience in logistics and customs clearance services, including force major situations.

We also offer flexible logistics services for the warranty programs users (such as SMART PARTS Plus etc.).

If you have any questions or require a rapid delivery/dispatch, feel free to contact our sales team for more details at

Our desk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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