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The Company has considerable experience in the field of engine, APU and components repairs, which allows to repair, restore and certify components, regardless of the aircraft type and its location.

Aircraft Component Repair Services and Maintenance Solutions

EFTEC fulfilled over 30 aircraft teardown projects and consequently managed the repair of all components from AS REMOVED status to the READY TO SELL condition. Cost optimization and quality of repair was crucial during these projects. Consequently, we have developed a chain of reliable repair shops which have provided us with top quality service at competitive prices.

Though teardown is now only one part of our group’s work, our average number of repaired parts amounts to over 2000 components a year. Our clients trust our expertise and experience in choosing the suitable repair shop and managing the whole process, from the formation of the repair order to the dispatch of the repaired part. This saves money and time significantly..

Unlike other repair brokerage companies, EFTEC offers repair services both independently and as a group of services to provide invaluable solutions for aviation companies. This offer saves the time of your employees which would otherwise be spent on the search, price negotiation and agreement signature for your required repairs. Trust our expert team your repair operations to make sure you have time for the most important part of your business: growth and development.

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